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Three Top Reasons to Grow Marijuana

Marijuana and cannabis both had a good year, and they are only getting more popular by the hour ever since celebrities openly endorsed them. When you see Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg talking about how amazing weed makes them feel, of course, many people would want to try them out because they want to relate to what their idol is feeling, and thus case in point, the celebrity effect is real. Now, why would you buy them from a store at a high price when you could grow them from marijuana seed banks? Check out the top reasons to do so down below:



Growing your own food will save you a ton of money because the prices at your local supermarket have been marked up maybe 300 percent than their original value. This goes for all of the products that you can grow yourself, and that includes marijuana. Weed is easy to grow and care for, all you need to do is the bare minimum effort to water and provide them sunlight, and you’re halfway there to enjoy a nice roll of freshly grown blunt. So, let me ask you, “Why buy when you can grow your own?”

Healthier Batch

Marijuana farms are so vast that they often require more workers to help out on the field, and this understaffing problem led to some of the batches turned out bad. When you buy weed from such a bad batch, you won’t know it unless you try it, and that way, you’re already at a loss. But things will be different when you are the caretake of the marijuana, and since you don’t own a capacious area to start a weed farm, chances are you can manage a few plants and provide maximum attention to them so that they will turn out healthier than those at a marijuana farm.

Anonymity Guaranteed


Since weed is still viewed in a negative light by some Republicans and older generations, maybe being discreet is your best bet to avoid society’s pressure and prejudice. Not everyone can handle pressure, and why chase after the drama? Isn’t it better to grow your own? Fresh and homegrown, ready to be smoked is the name of the game, and you won’t have to step outside where people can see or smell the aroma.

The Bottom Line

Not all people accept and appreciate good weed, so we need to play our hands correctly and exercise absolute discretion if we want to avoid trouble. Some states don’t condone weed smoking, so why take the risk? Get yourself some marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank to grow your very own fresh batch!