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Essential Functions of Mass Communication

In this 21st century, communication and mass media play a great role. For instance, business enterprises can now connect to their stakeholders and customers more than ever through social media. A lot of companies are utilizing contemporary forms of communication to share news, opinions, and information. The following are some of the functions of mass communication.

Sharing News and Information

Sharing information and news about global and local events is one of the major functions of communication. While Twitter and Facebook are top social networking platforms, they also act as important outlets for news. Nowadays, firms are using traditional media to reach large audiences and even engage readers. With the latest tools, customers can now feel informed and connected.

Opinion Discussion

This is another vital function of communication. You should note that mass media helps shape the opinion of the audience through interactive discussions. The audience is exposed to different viewpoints, and it helps shape their opinions. For instance, features in magazines and newspapers can bring in-depth analysis.


Surveillance relates to the constant flow of public information concerning events happening across the world. Magazines, TV networks, and newspapers gather information and present it in a cohesive manner. For example, they can provide warnings about threats from weather changes and updates about new products.


An interpretation has links to surveillance. Most communicators have realized their responsibility to provide correct and reliable facts to prevent undesirable consequences. Communicators can now provide information about different events and their meaning and significance. You can find analytical articles, documentaries, and panel discussions.

Cultural Transmission

Mass communication is quite important for cultural transmission. People can engage through forums, newsletters, blogs, and develop relationships where possible. The media can present role models whom people imitate and feel inspired. A lot of communities can now feel connected even when physically apart.


This is another obvious function of mass communication. In the past, entertainment functions were fulfilled through personal interactions. Nowadays, people are getting more leisure time and the need for having quality entertainment. Through the different shows on radio and TV, people can relax to enjoy a good time with their friends. You can post videos and your creative works on various video sharing channels such as Vimeo. Thus, entertainment remains to be one of the primary functions of communication.

It is important that mass communication is used to inspire, inform, and educate people. In this way, people can make informed decisions about what is happening across the world.