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What You Need to Know About Giving and Receiving Gifts

We all love giving or receiving gifts, especially from the people we love. However, there are cases when you might get a gift that you do not want. It could also be that you have just given someone a fancy gift only to realize that they did not appreciate is as you hand anticipated. This shows that sending gifts should be a well thought out process. That said, here are some essential facts to know about sending and receiving gifts.

You Need to Get the Right Gift

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Giving the right gift is not always as easy as some people consider it to be. There are two strategies employed in finding the right gift for a loved one. The first strategy is to be recipient-centric- where you have to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and find something that seems favorable to them. The other approach is to be giver-centric – where you focus on offering a gift that reflects your personality. Of the two strategies, most people prefer going the recipient centric way.

It Is Not Always About Money

Some people are often bugged by the trouble that comes with finding gifts. As much as it is possible to find something that will move the other person, a good number of people resort to offering money as a gift. Most recipients also prefer cash to gifts that they do not want. Gifting someone is an expression of love. Unfortunately, money falls short as far as showing affection is concerned.

gift boxAnother aspect of money involved when giving gifts is the cost of the gift. Considering that we live in a materialistic society, most people are made to believe that expensive gifts are better. But in reality, all that matters is the sacrifice that was put by the giver into acquiring that gift.

Reacting to a Bad Gift

Since not all gifts are appreciated, there is always be a possibility of having a recipient turn down your gift. How people respond to getting different gifts differs considerably – across genders. Giving the wrong gift attracts an unexpected reaction. It might also hurt the relationship in some way. The best way to avoid giving bad gifts is to seek an early opinion. If you are the one receiving the present, try to show some appreciation, even if you feel that your “thank you” message is not genuine.